New major release.

Release notes Version 1.22.0

New features

Large frequency display’s added (VFO A & B when available via CAT – Omnirig only)
• Added the ability to attach scanned files (images of paper QSL, audio files (recordings), text and other files) to each QSO from QSO Edit (QSO double click to open)
As example the user can now record a QSO using windows audio recorder or other ways and save the resulting .waw or .MP3 file to the QSO for future playback or attach a received SSTV image to the QSO.
• New facility to DOWNLOAD eQSL card images when updating the eQSL informations (eQSL download in QSL Management) which automatically adds the QSL image to the QSO record for future display (from QSO Edit window)
• New RADIO menu and optimization on the main function bar to make space for new VFO’s displays
• Support request now includes a full ADIF backup as an option
• Added country specific band plans to cover exceptions like 60m band allocations. File should be named “bandplan_dxcc<yourDXCC>.xml” and placed in Log4OM settings folder. Those files will be released in the next weeks through forum and website and will be included in future releases.
• Added the change log history (this file) to the help/about menu
• Provided a user choice to “IGNORE QSO” for statistics (set QSO SENT STATUS to IGNORE to enable)
• Label printing from roll printers to support machines like the Brother QL570 and QL700 (other labels can be created using the designer)

Resolved issues

• Grid squares are now checked for validity before being saved in QSO Edit.
• EQSL last check date is now saved properly
• Display of 3 fixed decimal places in frequency display (up to single Hz)
• Manage non-standard call signs with a “NonStandardCallsign.txt” file in the configuration folder. Use this file to add strange, non pattern-recognized callsigns to allow Log4OM to consider the string a valid call and continue through external search and other features.
• Analyze of older records in logbook (comment/note fields) to find award references from previously imported QSO (please check the result file to identify false positive references)
• User choice in Super Cluster mode filter to not trigger a screen refresh
• Keyer speed change from keyboard PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN
• Added “DELETE CURRENT QSO” in Winkeyer page using ALT-W key
• Fixed lock that prevented program closure when a user doesn’t want to set call sign on first run
• Stopped OUT OF BAND message when clearing the QSO without an active CAT connection
• Update the distance and bearing in the small view when updating locator
• Un-worked mode on spot band now works as expected
• Several minor changes and optimizations