Release notes Version 1.25.0

New features

– New locator functions in main UI: NEW GRID / NEW GRID ON BAND / NEW GRID ON MODE labels
– New locator statistics in Statistics & Awards (new tab)
– Added internet status check every 5 minutes. If disconnected some service are not invoked. This should speed up operations and avoid issues with external software logging into Log4OM when not connected to Internet
– CAT suspend now reset RX and TX frequencies to zero to avoid incorrect logging
– Regular expression filters in Cluster now work for Callsign also (note highlight)
– Cluster heartbeat interval personalizable (in Log4OMUI.exe.config xml file)
– Internet connection check: Log4OM is aware of current internet connection status and *some* functions will not run if not connected. Functions that may works in local area network are unaffected (cluster). Internet status can be seen and overrided in first SETTINGS page.
– More space for callsign in the label top section
– New start parameter “CONFIG=<ConfigurationId>”. Config ID is available in settings page.
– Added QRZCQ support to label printing

Resolved issues and optimizations

WAS awards – if one record has no state all records for band appear in NOT FOUND row at bottom
– OmniRig users, after some time, clicking on spot changes mode, but not frequency.
– CAT fails on settings save
Clublog sometime not checked when adding historical QSO in main user interface
– When start time rolls over at 0000 UTC, Date does not
– QSO End date in manual mode with END REAL TIME flag checked issue
– QRZ.COM upload issue (password and special chars issue)
– Optimization of calls on IK3QAR website for manager retrieval
– EQSL last check fixed
– Optimizations in award management function
– LOTW Sent date is not saved in UTC format. Fixed