Release 1.26 of Log4OM is a maintenance release to fix the following issues

  • Grid reference were not being updated when call edited – Reverted to locator update on new lookup and added a lock button to the locator field for manual input
  • RST set in Net control not saved correctly – Changed format and now an active call in a net should be highlighted to update the RST from the default set
  • Added a control to prevent Net Control form closing with an active NET – Now warns on closing a net that there are unsaved calls in the active window.
  • Upload LOTW button now visible in Italian language version
  • Notes field now not cleared when adding a QSO
  • After sending spot, focus stays on spot “globe”, pressing enter opens another spot – Fixed
  • Added some log optimizations to cluster calls
  • Code optimizations on cluster connection, database and statistics
  • Improvements and new application logs added on the software base code