Release notes Version 1.27.0

– Fixed issue with SOTA cluster not following “standard” cluster format (SOTA cluster rev. 27th November 2016)
– Added SSID support to cluster connections
– LOTW settings is now able to show a dropdown list contaning the station ID retrieved from TQSL xml file
– New configuration file RSTMode that maps the mode with the relative RST set of values. Digital catches everything else
– Many small enhancements and optimizations in performance, stability and error catching and reporting

I wish to say a BIG THANKS to Log4OM Team (Terry and Chuck), Beta Testing team and the whole community that is supporting Log4OM forum users.

Without you, guys, Log4OM will not be the software we know:

Special thanks goes to (in random order):

Aldo VA3AG, Chuck K7PT, Claus EI7JZ, Doug W7DRM, Manuel CT1BXX, Martin VE3VEE, Peter G3ZSS, Rolf LA9FFA, Terry G4POP, Juergen DF5WW, Olaf DK2LO

If you find a bug in Log4OM it’s because they didn’t tested the software accurately 🙂