Release notes Version 1.29.0



– LOTW download doesn’t change the gridsquare if something it’s already saved on the QSO

– Implemented great circle representation when drawing QSO on map

– Winkeyer Lead-In and Tail value increment changed from 10 to 1 per click.

– Hamlib libraries updated to main revision 3.x

– Changed residual dates from LOCAL to UTC on all software features.

– Fixed DXCC export statistics

– LOTW QSO download now updates country if different from log.

– DC reference removed from WAS list

– Fixed code in the awards management to be more compliant with awards.xml file

– Added support to 4m awards in ARRL / CQ awards

– Fixed counter in GRIDSQUARE statistics

– New bands supported in IOTA award (6m and upper)

– 2 new advanced options in SETTINGS – CAT (mainly Elecraft users)

– Send FREQUENCY command before MODE command when changing both parameters

– Add delay (fixed 500 ms) between FREQ and MODE subsequent messages (or MODE FREQ according to previous parameter)

– Added transverter support under program settings – CAT menu (add/remove amount in KHz) working at low level near CAT subsystem.

– Added JT9, FT8 mode support

– Small performance improvements in datagrid QSO visualization