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Log4OM 1.39.0 Released

As part of our continuous support and bugfixing we’re releasing an updated version of Log4OM.

What’s new in the current version:

– Fixed an issue when uploading modes that are reported into submode fields in eQSL (eg. FT4) that prevented correct save of upload status in Log4OM

– Added direct UDP ADIF import in COMMUNICATOR. Works natively with WSJT-X and JTALERT (Note that JTAlert has already a method to send TCP ADD packets to Log4OM that should be deactivated if this service is enabled to avoid risk of duplicate QSO)

Log4OM 1.38.0 released

In this release we fixed an issue with EQSL upload on some modes, switching upload to ADIF 3 at the same time.

On behalf of the Log4OM team i wish to say thanks to Xavier PP5XA for his translation of the manual in portuguese. Good job Xavier! Thanks!

Log4OM 1.37.0 Released

– Added new winkeyer shortcuts: 
Alt-Enter will save the current QSO. 
Alt-S will send the text currently shown.
– TCP code is now more resilient to random bytes produced by noise on the TCP stack by RF
– FT4 mode added to Modelist. If you patched modelist or added modelist_user please remove it as FT4 should be logged in ADIF 3.x as MFSK / FT4