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Log4OM 1.27.0 Released


Release notes Version 1.27.0

– Fixed issue with SOTA cluster not following “standard” cluster format (SOTA cluster rev. 27th November 2016)
– Added SSID support to cluster connections
– LOTW settings is now able to show a dropdown list contaning the station ID retrieved from TQSL xml file
– New configuration file RSTMode that maps the mode with the relative RST set of values. Digital catches everything else
– Many small enhancements and optimizations in performance, stability and error catching and reporting

I wish to say a BIG THANKS to Log4OM Team (Terry and Chuck), Beta Testing team and the whole community that is supporting Log4OM forum users.

Without you, guys, Log4OM will not be the software we know:

Special thanks goes to (in random order):

Aldo VA3AG, Chuck K7PT, Claus EI7JZ, Doug W7DRM, Manuel CT1BXX, Martin VE3VEE, Peter G3ZSS, Rolf LA9FFA, Terry G4POP, Juergen DF5WW, Olaf DK2LO

If you find a bug in Log4OM it’s because they didn’t tested the software accurately 🙂

Log4OM 1.26.0 Maintenance Relase is now available for download

Release 1.26 of Log4OM is a maintenance release to fix the following issues

  • Grid reference were not being updated when call edited – Reverted to locator update on new lookup and added a lock button to the locator field for manual input
  • RST set in Net control not saved correctly – Changed format and now an active call in a net should be highlighted to update the RST from the default set
  • Added a control to prevent Net Control form closing with an active NET – Now warns on closing a net that there are unsaved calls in the active window.
  • Upload LOTW button now visible in Italian language version
  • Notes field now not cleared when adding a QSO
  • After sending spot, focus stays on spot “globe”, pressing enter opens another spot – Fixed
  • Added some log optimizations to cluster calls
  • Code optimizations on cluster connection, database and statistics
  • Improvements and new application logs added on the software base code


Log4OM 1.25.0 released

Release notes Version 1.25.0

New features

– New locator functions in main UI: NEW GRID / NEW GRID ON BAND / NEW GRID ON MODE labels
– New locator statistics in Statistics & Awards (new tab)
– Added internet status check every 5 minutes. If disconnected some service are not invoked. This should speed up operations and avoid issues with external software logging into Log4OM when not connected to Internet
– CAT suspend now reset RX and TX frequencies to zero to avoid incorrect logging
– Regular expression filters in Cluster now work for Callsign also (note highlight)
– Cluster heartbeat interval personalizable (in Log4OMUI.exe.config xml file)
– Internet connection check: Log4OM is aware of current internet connection status and *some* functions will not run if not connected. Functions that may works in local area network are unaffected (cluster). Internet status can be seen and overrided in first SETTINGS page.
– More space for callsign in the label top section
– New start parameter “CONFIG=<ConfigurationId>”. Config ID is available in settings page.
– Added QRZCQ support to label printing

Resolved issues and optimizations

WAS awards – if one record has no state all records for band appear in NOT FOUND row at bottom
– OmniRig users, after some time, clicking on spot changes mode, but not frequency.
– CAT fails on settings save
Clublog sometime not checked when adding historical QSO in main user interface
– When start time rolls over at 0000 UTC, Date does not
– QSO End date in manual mode with END REAL TIME flag checked issue
– QRZ.COM upload issue (password and special chars issue)
– Optimization of calls on IK3QAR website for manager retrieval
– EQSL last check fixed
– Optimizations in award management function
– LOTW Sent date is not saved in UTC format. Fixed

Happy New Year and enjoy new Log4OM release 1.24.0

The year is about to end.
Let me take this moment to thank all of you who used Log4OM daily for satisfaction and for the support you gave me in this year.
In particular, however, I would like to thank especially the people who have helped me most during this year and throughout the history of this software.
Thanks Terry, Chuck, Doug Claus, Rolf, and Peter. Thanks to all the beta testers and thanks to all those who keep alive the Log4OM forum in the way that we like the most, helping and growing together.

For those who live it, Merry Christmas. For those who do not have this day in their lands and in their traditions and to everyone a good end of 2015, a fantastic 2016 full of success and … why not … a great amount of DX’s!

Release notes Version 1.24.0

New features
• Webpage/CSV automatic generation for local or external websites with FTP upload capabilities (in SETTINGS – WEBPAGE screen)
• Support for QRZCQ information provider [QRZCQ XML subscribers only]lookup and web page display
• Add spot information to alert sent by email/push/popup
• Support request now includes communicator log
• Configuration backup is now in ZIP format
• Added the ability to use regular expressions to check SPOT information in ALERT
• Log4om now closes automatically when windows is shut down.

Resolved issues and optimizations

• Fixed random appearance of the HRDLOG spot window
• Fixed incorrect spacing in address when information is shown on data grid
• Optimization of RST value load time
• Fixed SOTA spots reported by SMS not visualized issue
• Fixed incorrect Clublog upload status
• Email alert will be resend on new SPOT only if previous alert is older than 30 minutes
• Data visualization in statistics now sets colours correctly
• Script error on internal browser resolved
• Updates some titles to more accurately reflect function – e.g Cluster highlights

Release notes Version 1.23.0

New features

• Favourite memory feature
• Aide Memoire for tuner and amplifier settings
• Alternate QRG font layout as an option
• Ability to add a custom note in the program log (realtime log screen) to mark specific activities in the log for better view
• RX Frequency saved when available from CAT (Omnirig)
• Multiple instances of Log4OM can now run together from different folders (multiple Portable editions and max one installed edition)
• Winkeyer tune button relocated
• Enable selection of the message in labels from comment/note/qslmessage
• Added ability to export ADIF in a simplified version
• Enable merge for massive award reference import
• Country specific band plans
• New function that rescan log to find orphaned award references and reconnect with the correct one
• Option to MERGE awards when importing from CSV file
• Show frequency in manual QSL input screen
• Added <DELAY> command to cluster login script to add 1 sec delay each between commands
• eQSL retrieved with fixed extension not following user requirements
• LOTW members list filteres. Maximum age (last upload seen) set to 1 year

Resolved issues

• Better support for CAT on ICOM rigs (OMNIRIG)
• Added user authentication while accessing IK3QAR online services
• Cluster wrongly highlights already worked/confirmed modes
• Error in SOTA visualization, export worked correctly
• Incorrect Number of Active countries in awards section fixed
• Distance recalculation when updating locator in QSO edit window
• Issue on label print when skip set
• cannot record RX power
• Qso Edit doesn’t effectively remove GridSquare
• Issue with case sensitive cluster during login