Support for Log4OM is provided *exclusively* from the public forum. A dedicated team of Radio Amateurs is watching threads daily and your problem/solution could help someone else tomorrow.

We have an HUGE user manual, that you can read for reference.

If you have a problem with the software, you have to do first a review of our forum. We noticed that most of the problems is repeated often and are due to a wrong configuration of the software. Watching our introductory videos could help with first steps too. There are many configurable features in the software, they customize it to the maximum for your needs.

When you request support on forum, sometime, we need to check your program log file.

How to generate a support request

How to prepare logfile for support review. Please do that only when asked for the log file package:

1) Enable an higher log level. Usually some errors are followed by a couple of “trace” informations that are not usually saved in the program log file to avoid unnecessary growth of the file itself.¬†The support team will ask you for the log level require.
Debug is usually enough, but sometime we need an higher level of trace.


2) REPRODUCE THE ISSUE. Log will save events for the current day only (and is removed daily), so an issue happened yesterday will not be available on log today.

3) [optional] Take note of the time of day (UTC) when the issue happens. Log will usually produce thousands of lines, and this could help us identify the issue.

4) Open the HELP MENU -> SEND BUG report (mark “include ADIF backup” flag if requested), fill all requested informations and press the “prepare support request”.


5) Send the ZIP file to the provided email address.

Please note: To debug remote calls and other things, log will also store web URL and other informations related to how the software works. Usually those informations are safely stored in your PC, but you should be advised that we *could* see some informations (password for online services like QRZ/HAMQTH or similar) from your log. Those informations, if needed, will be used to reproduce the issue and provide a better support, and will be deleted and never disclosed when we close the incident request.

If you feel confortable you can send us a log extract purged of those non relevant informations (it’s a text file) editing the log file(s) (log4om and communicator) contained in the support request.

Log files are stored in your pc roaming folder (HELP -> open configuration folder -> log subfolder).