Log4OM is a fully featured software that keep the focus on simplicity.

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Everything you need is at your finger tips, from the simplest function to the most complicated query into your database, Log4Om never restricts what the user can do.

You can use it in a casual way, and have it’s full power, or squeeze it’s most sophisticated features and extract whatever you need.


Log4OM has a complete multi-profile system that allows you to have different callsigns, different operative situations (home, /p, contest call, club call) each with its own internal and external configuration. As example, your QSO will be sent to the right eQSL account (if you’re a subscriber), simply using the right profile… and without any action required by you.

Log4Om takes care of all of your operating needs.

Log4OM is able to¬†notify you by email or by push an information onto your smartphone (using growl and prowl protocols) when you’re away from your shack that the long awaited expedition is now spotted on the cluster and ready to be worked.

Log4OM saves operator effort and time by retrieving award and SOTA references from cluster spots, adding them to your QSO automatically in a breeze allowing the user to concentrate on working the DX by not having to worry about completing the detailed data.


A mouse click on the spot and by pressing a key to confirm the QSO is enough to have a complete record of the QSO logged to your database.