Log4OM is, by it’s own DNA, is a connected software that can also work when  disconnected from Internet.

When operating without an internet connection with your portable HF rig you can still take advantage of the Log4OM features thanks to our constantly updated set of resources which are downloaded locally.

When you return home it’s matter of seconds to select all of your new QSO and bulk update their information using an online database and our free up-to-date country database.


We are focused on the data quality of your log.

When you’re using Log4OM you benefit from a couple of advanced features that work, quietly, in the background, like CLUBLOG exception database, CLUBLOG Zone Exception database



plus our exclusive, handcrafted, Special Callsign Lookup (SCL) database which is updated daily by Chuck K7PT this database reflects almost every single activation or expedition that needs to be recorded as a different DXCC or IOTA

Log4OM works in partnership with HRDLog.net website thanks to our cooperation with Claudio IW1QLH who has developed a couple of exclusive features like the information being sent to Log4OM for the Super Cluster system.


Log4OM keep your data synchronised

Log4OM is able to send your QSO automatically in real time to eQSL, QRZ.COM (requires paid subscription), HRDLog.net, HAMQTH and Clublog. Just complete your QSO and in a few seconds your log is saved in the cloud, ready to be confirmed.

Starting from release 1.22 Log4OM is also able to download your eQSL image cards directly from the eQSL website


Log4OM is also fully integrated with LoTW by completely interfacing the TQSL.exe software. We don’t support real time upload to LoTW to comply with their fair-use request and to avoid unnecessary overload on ARRL systems, but uploading your daily QSO’s is matter of a few clicks.LOTW

Log4OM does the job for you (if you have TQSL correctly installed in your system with an active and valid certificate) to keep your log and LoTW fully synchronised.

Log4OM provides FULL support of the IOTA and SOTA programs.

From Sea…..

Log4OM is able to automatically download the updates from the IOTA island lists provided by the RSGB website every month, and display your results in a simple but efficient way.


To summits…

Log4OM automatically downloads the official summit list every week directly from SOTA website and is able to identify SOTA spots in the DX cluster, by analysing the text and searching for references.

Our complete statistic system, customizable with focus on both chasers and activators is able to show your FULL STATISTICS and import/export the SOTA text files that are needed to interact with the SOTA program.