Support us

Log4OM is made by Daniele Pistollato IW3HMH with the fundamental support of Terry G4POP and Chuck K7PT (SK)

You can support Log4OM development in various modes: probably the most important mode is helping us creating a stronger community. Share experiences, support new users, talk about Log4OM to your friends is something we really want and need.

Another way is the most “traditional” way. Log4OM is free, but there are roughly 2700 work hours on V2 development over the latest 2 years (and more to come). We offer our work for free to the community, but on the other side we must pay for some services we offer. Website and forum hosting are the most evident, but there are also some license costs we cover to mantain our development tools up to date. You can support us by sending a donation through PayPal

to lele(at)pisto.it

The Team” is the core group that supports me constantly over skype. Due to our world locations there is almost always someone of the Team connected working and testing new updated.

The Team is headed by Terry Genes G4POP, with me since 2012.

Team members are, in random order:

  • Rolf, LA9FFA
  • Doug, W7DRM
  • Aldo, VA3AG
  • Nolan, KI5IO
  • J├╝rgen, DF5WW

Part of the Log4OM Team since 2012, and forever in our hearts is K7PT Chuck Degard Jr., now SK. He was one of the core team with Terry, and i really miss it.