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Release note – Version

· [NEW] to add/edit incoming UDP message and UDP incoming proxy there is a new option here in program settings.
· [NEW] Added active monitoring of main UI performances to identify bottlenecks and external resources poor performances (new PERFORMANCE tag is visible on QSO message area – Log level DEBUG or higher).
· [NEW] Added support for “contest statistics” in cluster view settings. Now the user can show highlights on cluster based on actual contest activity, if enabled, as option
· [NEW] UDP inbound/proxy connections. Added support for user parameters INBOUND CONNECTIONS of those type: ADIF INBOUND, JT MESSAGES, N1MM and QARTEST.
For every single service you can now:
1) decide if you want to update data using external sources (USE_EXTERNAL_DATA)
2) decide if you want to update GRIDSQUARE (UPDATE_GRIDSQUARE)
3) decide if you want to UPLOAD QSO to external sources (UPLOAD_QSO)
4) decide if you want to update CQ values (UPDATE_CQ_ITUZONE)
5) decide if you want to save a QSO through JT message (ex message12 option) (SAVE_NEW_QSO)
For JT messages only:
5) Decide if you want to save QSO coming via JT message (alternative to JTAlert, gridtracker and other ADIF integrations) (Message 12 parameter has been removed from the separate option page in settings).

[NEW] ADIF monitor has now an option to decide if you want to update incoming data using log4om info and external sources or import them as they come in.
· [NEW] Statistics band map now show the “preferred confirmation mode view” set in program preferences and no more the fixed “worked” status for each band/mode. Current selection is visible pointing mouse over DXCC number
· [NEW] User awards are now saved on each award update into a backup file inside application configuration folder /awards (other than periodically and on user request from award manager top menu)
· [NEW] Added a “restore user awards” option to automatically restore user awards after a new version update (award manager top menu). This action cannot be performed automatically on application updates yet.
· [NEW] Added LOTW ONLY filter in cluster view. Small changes in cluster filter tab page
· [NEW] Clicking on callsign image in callsign lookup area will open a new screen with full size image.
· [NEW] External data source priority is now fixed by system
· Awards placed in the IGNORE LIST (in settings) will not be shown in award statistics page
· A specific yellow warning is now raised if external source data check took more than 2 seconds
· Focus no more returns on main CALLSIGN field when lookup is complete
· User award backup is now zipped
· Added more info on message area when exceptions and data are recovered from internal archives (grid and state)
· Main UI data entry area highlight set on all fields. Some hidden tabs have been removed for a more pleasant experience while tabbing between fields.
· [FIX] Fixed tab order for CONTEST mode (CALLSIGN -> RECEIVED -> SENT -> RST SENT -> RST RECEIVED)
· [FIX] Fixed an issue with lowercase on ADIF import
· [FIX] Fixed QSL VIA label not hidden in QSL manager when confirmation mode was different from QSL
· [FIX] Fixed main UI notification background color box
· [FIX] Gridsquare is no more updated when a QSO is received through UDP (an option for that will be added at a later time) or JT message 12
· [FIX] Focus loss on date/time data entry when changing QSO date in a locked date box after 3 seconds issue has been fixed. Now the country/exceptions/awards are checked when date is changed and field is leaved (or when you save with enter key)

Relase note – Version

  • [NEW] Completely rewritten the remote control interface to control Log4Om functions from external applications (see resources page)
  • [NEW] Improved user interface responsivity while searching for QSO data
  • [NEW] QSO received through inbound JT messages will updated to set SEND status for each confirmation received equal to the Log4OM user defaults (if value is NO/REQUESTED), when different.
  • [NEW] Added support for RF-Kit via Remote Control.
  • [NEW] Added new floating QSO data entry interface in VIEW menu
  • [NEW] Optimized access to external source info and external images
  • [NEW] Added supercluster auto start option in settings / cluster
  • [NEW] Improved threading management on supercluster and external source parsing, reduced locks and waits on many functions
  • Moved FCC data to external SQLITE database to reduce overall memory footprint
  • Added dump of external sources lookup into roaming /temp folder (in DEBUG mode or higher)
  • Spot from unrecognized DXCC entity will be ignored by cluster alerts
  • Increased download interval for FCC data to 30 days
  • [FIX] Fixed issue when loading malformed contest file
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue on external data usage (CTY.DAT and external providers) that was using historic priorities rather than current QSO lookup during realtime checks
  • [FIX] Fixed issue in QSO MANAGER when addding/removing time from a QSO

Release note – Version 2.25.0

• [NEW] Log4OM is now able to retrieve nearest airport weather data automatically. Please note that updates are performed HOURLY and are related to to your current user profile location NEAREST AIRPORT (it could be some miles away). User can override default selection to find a more suitable airport in relation of his specific position in a 200 km radius. There is a new submenu for that in settings area.

• [NEW] New screen in main user interface bottom area with current weather (F11)

• [NEW] CW macro values based on current weather Wind, temperature, current weather and cloud coverage are now available in different unit where available (°C, °F, Kts, Km/h, m/s)

• [NEW] Statistics on band/mode now show country worked/confirmed status (orange/green) and callsign worked status (cyan/blue)

• [NEW] Qso marked “DO NOT SEND” during label printing phase can be now updated in the “QSL SENT STATUS” of choice (default INVALID) when saving the final status of the QSO after label print. This will allow preventive filtering and prevent them from popping up again on every label print workout.

• [NEW] Qso not printed (routing type not selected for PDF output) can be marked with “QSL SENT STATUS” of choice. This can be useful if you don’t plan to send QSL cards via DIRECT or MANAGER DIRECT and you didn’t print any label for them, by deselecting the relevant option in the output page settings. Now those QSO can be marked to a definitive final status of choice and can be removed from the next search with default searching options (so they will not pop up anymore in the label print extraction unless you decide to work them again).

• [NEW] User can now select between google maps, bing maps and open street maps as world map in main UI. The option is in the PROGRAM SETTINGS

• [NEW] Label printing process can now pre-cache external source retrieval for a more efficient label processing. Caching work in background while you manually check the QSO in the routing screen, resulting in a faster load of the next QSO (if already cached)

• [NEW] Label routing page now features an “auto approve MANAGER / MANAGER BUREAU” QSL’ing, allowing you to concentrate on “no send” and “direct” QSL requests.

• Some optimizations on lag experienced during main UI refresh related to map refresh

• Added centralized update of RST.xml file from log4om.com server

• Small optimizations in grid query interface

• Added support for ADIF fields (import/export):

• Added new band “submm” (300 GHz -> 7500 GHz)

• Support request file now contains program scheduler

• [FIX] Fixed anomaly introduced by a format change in the NOAA planetary index data (Planetary K Index are now expressed as decimal values)

• [FIX] Fixed an issue that wrongly triggered alerts under some situations where MODE is selected

• [FIX] Fixed an issue that overrided the country/cq/itu data on the UI when manually changed by the user

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added QRZ.COM confirmation download support (storage of the information and usage in managed awards). ADIF Export is actually not available as the ADIF committee has not voted yet.
  • [NEW] User can now select the in depth how to perform a callsign search, while typing or while leaving the callsign field. Leaving has 2 options now, leaving field by clicking elsewhere or tabbing out, or only on tabbing out the callsign field. All options are available in PROGRAM SETTINGS / PERFORMANCE tab.
  • Improved ADIF import routine sensitivity to better support QRZ.COM ADIF output
  • Added dynamic detection of some specific modes in EESDR3 (FT4/FT8/JT65) to correctly identify and show the mode in the main UI
  • Added new fields (readonly) on QSO called GridSquare4 and MyGridSquare4 that contains the 4 digit gridsquare from full field
  • Updated support for N1MM (ContactDelete raised before ContactUpdate)
  • Added support for negative offset
  • Added an option for sending “true frequency” to radio on SPOT click (instead of applying the reversed offset) in CAT settings page.
  • Optimized TCI Cat management
  • [FIX] Fixed supercluster issues
  • [FIX] Fixed gridsquare issues when spot is selected from cluster band map
  • [FIX] Gridsquare value is overwritten by automatic search even with flag not checked in user preferences
  • [FIX] Identified and fixed an issue on hamlib settings save
  • [FIX] Fixed hamlib error level issue in configuration
  • [FIX] Fixed TCI mode switch issue (not detected by radio)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue on offset management on TCI engine
  • [FIX] Multiple qso delete from QSO grid when using MySQL issue has been fixed. Some optimizations on SQLite side too
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue on label print when destination address doesn’t contains name of the receiver.

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Award statistics can now be filtered by ALL / WORKED / NOT WORKED / WORKED NOT VALIDATED/GRANTED
  • [NEW] On QSO data entry, the PAUSE key will lock/unlock the QSO START TIME, regardless of any other setting or user preference
  • [NEW] Added an option in LABEL PRINT to select QSO where you have RECEIVED a QSL and never answered.
  • [NEW] Added an option in the CONFIRMATION search control (Grid search / Confirmations tab / QSL Management) to select multiple confirmation status:
    • SENT: Single status as before / YES (include YES and QUEUED) / NO (all other status)
    • RECEIVED: Single status as before / YES (include YES) / NO (all other status)
  • [NEW] Added new “mixed search” for confirmations to concurrently search for LOTW/EQSL/PAPER QSL status in AND and OR logic (Grid search / Confirmations tab / QSL Management)
  • Increased cluster custom message max length to 60kb
  • Removed “prefix search” from clublog info search exceptions, that may be less accurate than COUNTRY FILE (CTY) in retrieving correct CQ/ITU zones
  • [FIX] ADIF_VER tag in ADIF export
  • [FIX] Cluster alert that won’t trigger “new one” under some circumstances
  • [FIX] Cluster items always highlighted as “unworked” when cluster worked before setting is not checked in the “configuration – performance” tab. Now if the check is disabled the callsign is not highlighted in any way.
  • [FIX] CQ/ITU zones incorrectly identified in some situations
  • [FIX] QSO start date no more locked when double clicking on cluster while “stop time when leaving callsign field” is set. The time now locks only when user leave the CALLSIGN field with TAB/SHIFT-TAB

Your donations

The donations that you send to us are very gratefully received and they help to offset the cost of server time, annual coding software costs etc, which we could not afford without your assistance.
In the past we have been able to send a personal thank you message to each donor by email because PayPal provided the information, however at the end of 2021 PayPal significantly reduced the information they provide to the recipient, thus making it virtually impossible for us to discover any contact details without a significant amount of detective work.

This is the reason that recently many of you have not been thanked or acknowledged when making donations so we would like to take this opportunity to apologise and to thank you all for your continued support.

Without your donations Log4OM would not be free and probably have ceased to exist, it is your efforts that have made it possible for Log4OM to continue to develop for over 10 years and hopefully far into the future.


Release note – Version HOTFIX

  • [NEW] Added new indication on worked before for calls worked in the same MODE GROUP (PHONE / DIGITAL / CW) if mode is not the same but belongs to the same group
  • [FIX] Fixed misplaced label in configuration form
  • [FIX] Worked before routine
  • [FIX] Alert routine for matching callsign (with and without wildcards)

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added worked stations Lat/Lon on main interface (Info F2), Keyer interface and QSO edit interface. This data is retrieved from external sources, when available.
  • [NEW] Operator name can now be retrieved from previous QSO (using the name in the QSO used to identify previously worked callsign by band/mode) [OPTION in USER PREFERENCES]
  • [NEW] A new SWAP button will now be available near callsign name if previous QSO name is different from the one retrieved from external source. You can swap between them to save the preferred one.
  • [NEW] Added HAMCALL DVD (installed version) support
  • [NEW] Merge option in award reference will now update found references with the provided info (instead of simply skipping them)
  • [NEW] Added NULL and NOT NULL options in QSO grid search for null AND/OR blank values
  • Improved PERFORMANCE STATISTICAL CHECKS in the “performance” tab of program configuration
  • Improved performances and optimized code of the internal clublog/cty/fcc routine
  • Restored BAND_RX and FREQ_RX previous behavior on main UI even if they’re equal to TX
  • Removed BAND_RX and FREQ_RX on ADIF output if they’re equal to TX
  • Callsign passed to cluster (default from station callsign) is now cleaned up of prefix and suffix if present (some clusters doesn’t allow /QRP or similar). Technically the string <CALLSIGN> used as placeholder on cluster input is now cleaned up from added extensions
  • “Worked before” check routines optimized
  • Cluster map repaint threaded
  • Cluster map repaint will be stopped when cluster throttling is active
  • [WINKEYER] Keyer interface now use multithreaded queue as output buffer
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • ABOUT message updated
  • Added usage data statistical report for users that have enabled the statistic report flag.
  • Updated EULA with detailed info on statistic information collected with user permission.
  • [FIX] Coordinates not saved on QSO creation
  • [FIX] QARTest incoming message updated to latest version
  • [FIX] Error on external data source parsing when no external source set under some circumstances