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Log4OM 2 Released

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added Clublog/CTY file exception correction on all cluster items
  • [NEW] LazyLog massive data entry interface added
  • [NEW] ADIF export can now produce files with a reduced, user selectable, range of fields (File -> Export ADIF)
  • [NEW] Added CSV export with user selectable/sortable fields (File -> Export CSV)
  • [NEW] Option to invert FREQUENCY/MODE order in message sent to radio (Settings – CAT)
  • [NEW] Added native support for network connected rigs through Hamlib (FLEX and similar)
  • [NEW] Added SOTA Chaser/S2S/SWL TSV/CSV file format export capabilities (Award Statistics screen -> Export)
  • [NEW] Added “stay on top” option on contest and winkeyer screens
  • Added management of award reference alias. Will affect correct identification of USA-CA award references and others.
  • ADIF and CSV export is now available also in QSO Management with full output filters
  • Improved EQSL and LOTW import performances
  • Improved WSJT/JTAlert ADIF inbound message performances
  • Improved reactivity of QSO add function. QSO save is made asynchronously respect main UI
  • Added management of the (now deprecated) QSL_SEND status “Validated”. This will mark all LOTW and WAS references as VALIDATED.
  • New option in Alerts: Ignore statistics. Trigger the alert under any condition of worked/confirmed for the country
  • Import of QSL_RCVD status Verified (actually deprecated in ADIF standard) now set the QSO as VERIFIED for DXCC and WAS
  • Added option to start Hamlib application hidden (not shown on taskbar)
  • Previous QSO and Worked Before no more on top by default
  • small fixes in LOTW download interface
  • QSO filters improved: Added capability to explicitly exclude QSO that have a specific award in the myReference/contactReference. Useful to extract chaser without ref2ref contacts.
  • Clearing Callsign field in main UI resets map to station home QTH
  • Updated SOTA routines to support new summits csv file from SOTA website
  • [FIX] Massive QSO update performance issue fixed
  • [FIX] grid field editor no more stay behind the parent screen if parent is set to stay on top
  • [FIX] Length reported in ADIF format for frequency was incorrect
  • [FIX] Omnirig dual radio – one off issue fixed
  • [FIX] Award statistics view (chaser / activator / reference2reference filters)
  • [FIX] Prevented removal of QSO primary keys (date/callsign/band/mode) at database level
  • [FIX] My Rig and My Antenna not correctly retrieved when using a different profile in QSO Edit
  • [FIX] Reported length of ADIF fields now consider // as start of the comment and exclude comment length from adif field calculation
  • [FIX] Hrdlog sends online status even with not active.
  • [FIX] Changes in Winkeyer UI won’t trigger main UI interface refresh, stealing focus
  • [FIX] Current references in QSO under edit are not cleared if main parameters (band/mode) changes. User must check if current awards registered are still valid for the QSO even under new parameters. DXCC change always clear preselected awards

Log4OM 2 Released

Release note – Version

  • CAT frequency display is now user configurable for best visual comfort in Settings -> CAT
  • Added viewable Clublog Sent, QRZCom Sent, HamQTH Sent fields to the list of available fields in grid.
  • Faster LOTW download. “paper qsl confirmation download” made optional. You should use it only when you have new paper qsl registered and validated by ARRL. Download is disabled by default.
  • Alert engine fixes and optimizations.
  • JT interface message parser has been completely rewrited.
  • Added capability to read ADIF message 12 directly from WSJT-x (ADIF message).
    Note: This option (new in configuration screen) should NOT be used with JTAlert automatic log options, JTAlert UDP ADIF send and WSJT-x native UDP ADIF send or you will probably log twice the same QSO.
  • Small label fixes on User Interface.
  • Popup alert for new releases added.
  • Added supercluster connection status on cluster screen.
  • Detailed logs added in case of failed upload to external services  (payload provided is always saved when upload fails).
  • UDP logs now shown on logfile only in DEBUG mode. That will provide better performances.
  • EQSL data matching improved. Now received “SSB” will be searched also as “USB” and “LSB”. USB and LSB are now searched in log as SSB also.
  • Added 45 seconds maximum wait for TQSL to complete operations on program closure.
  • [FIX] LOTW Upload confirmation from QSO Edit form fixed.
  • [FIX] QSO already marked as received no more updated (initial eqsl download date preserved) in EQSL download.
  • [FIX] Audio keyer won’t stop PTT when message finishes.
  • [FIX] Cluster visualization issue related to VOACAP calculations prevented data visualization.
  • [FIX] Fixed issue on user specified login/password when connecting to cluster service.
  • [FIX] Revised internal conversion from number to strings (ex. ADIF FREQ EXPORT).
  • [FIX] Start-end date format fixed in contest configuration screen.

Log4OM 2 – Release

Release note

  • Enhanced Omnirig error handling
  • HAMLIB logics reworked to make it working as it should
  • HAMLIB PTT parameters correctly saved fix
  • Cluster interlock enhancements
  • Cluster data visualization improvements
  • Info provider page now shows the details of connection errors
  • Added selected/total counter in qso grids
  • Cluster start button now can be used to stop cluster in main UI
  • Send spot button disabled when cluster is not connected
  • Added 2 new buttons to force SPOT send from popup screen with notes
  • [FIX] Removed worked before refresh button
  • [FIX] Alert filters doesn’t trigger if reporter continent is set under some circumstances
  • [FIX] Added missing password encoding on some external calls
  • [FIX] Added ADIF check on import for empty file/incomplete basic data provided
  • [FIX] Main UI labels fixed
  • [FIX] Multiple award list in dropdown menu
  • [FIX] CQ and ITU zones fixed in QSO EDIT
  • [FIX] HRDLog status update
  • [FIX] [OmniRig] Fixed issue on RIG2 when RIG1 is not available
  • [FIX] Spot incorrectly reports TX VFO frequency during SPLIT operations on 2 VFO rigs

Log4OM 2 – Release

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added capability to run multiple instances
  • [NEW] Added “Select required” button for quick QSL upload. Required status is based on user preferences expressed in SETTINGS -> USER CONFIGURATION -> CONFIRMATIONS menu option
  • [NEW] Incremental worked before search in worked before grids. [WORKED BEFORE] notification will appears only on exact callsign match.
  • [NEW] Added worked before screen in main UI (F10)
  • [NEW] Unlocked command line arguments:
    /RESETLAYOUT -> remove all configured layouts in data grids
    /REMOVEUSERFILES -> remove all user edited files in the settings folder
    /RESETMAPCACHE -> reset the google maps map cache and reduce it’s size
    /SCHEDULER -> reset internal operation scheduler to factory
    /FACTORYRESET -> remove all user configurations except saved backups
    Usage: L4ONG.exe <parameter1> … <parameterX> eg: L4ONG.exe /RESETLAYOUT
  • Improved logging on UDP parser
  • [FIX] files marked with “_user” suffix not correctly retrieved under some circumstances.
  • [FIX] cluster time was not correctly sorted after first couple of QSO’s.
  • [FIX] my references is not shown when editing a QSO. This may result in a loss of information.
  • [FIX] IARU region not correctly read when different from country value
  • [FIX] Clustermanagement menu Exit now working

Log4OM 2 – Bugfix release

⦁ [FIX] MySQL / MARIADB search exception fixed
⦁ [FIX] SQLite date format fix on some systems that prevent correct data load/visualization fixed (corrupted database -> require a new full import)
⦁ [FIX] Extensive fix of TAB sequence order
⦁ [FIX] Error handling when forms are not created yet
⦁ [FIX] Issues in external sources login when password contains special characters
⦁ Audio device recognization routine upgraded
⦁ Tab DOCUMENTS hidden in QSO Edit screen as not actually implemented
⦁ Minor datafixes on User Interface

Log4OM V2

Welcome to Log4OM V2.

Log4OM support is direct from the development team and the user community, this guarantees to all users the best experience and a fast resolution of any problems. If you are an experienced user and can help, please do so!

If you need help please ask for support, however please be polite and provide a comprehensive description of the issue. The team dedicate their free time to support Log4OM users so please ensure that you read the forums and manuals before requesting support.

Like any software, Log4OM V2 is not perfect, despite the best efforts of the team! To avoid and reduce problems Log4OM has a wide range of functions which support the user and a very aggressive backup policy. However users are ultimately responsible for their own logs so always make sure to periodically check the creation of backups and activate, if possible, the secondary backup function on to a different disk or into a synchronized folder in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Finally upload your logs regularly to one or more of the online services, Log4OM will do these uploads automatically.

Log4OM is as free, however if you want to support future development a small donation to cover license and hosting costs will be very welcome, donate here

Finally thank you for your support during the last eight years, the team will endeavour to justify your future confidence in Log4OM.

Best 73

Daniele Pistollato – IW3HMH & The Team