Terry G4POP provided a very good quick list of main Log4OM features.

Log4OM Features (download the PDF)

Here a brief list of Log4OM v2 features. Software capabilities can fully be discovered only using it during your daily activity.

  • Accurate call sign lookup data. 6 different sources of data.
  • Award tracking and display fully configurable by the user. 40+ awards configured and growing.
  • Band mapping of cluster spots with multiple band viewers individually filtered by mode and band by the user.
  • Call lookup by multiple external sources QRZ, HamQTH, QRZCQ, HamCall and internal Clublog aggregated with automatic fallback to secondary source if primary contains no data
  • Call sign online QSL graphics and large scale
  • Scrollable location map displays up to the street level. Where are you on my map?
  • Propagation analysis using VOACAP linked to call sign lookup and cluster which predicts probability of a connection (Contact)
  • Dynamic UDP inbound / outbound support over multiple ports and services. You probably will never reach the limit of our integration engine.
  • NET control interface
  • Lazy Log fast logging interface
  • Ease of use via mouse or keyboard. Because 2 hands are not enough.
  • Enhanced standalone contest support with integral CAT display.
  • Expanded Winkeyer support with integral CAT display.
  • Full management of confirmations of the QSO data is available with different methods of delivery of the most appropriate confirmation type, including merging of QSO confirmation data.
  • Full SOTA & IOTA support, along of many other.
  • Fully integrated with LOTW, eQSL, QRZ.com, HamCall, Clublog, HamQTH, HRDlog.net etc.
  • Improved QSO search engine with support for complex queries without SQL knowledge requirements (AND, OR, nested conditions). You can explore your database at byte level.
  • Integration with N1MM, PSTRotator, QARTest, WSJT-x, JTDX, JTAlert and FLDigi
  • Our superior Intelligent cluster aggregates the information from multiple cluster servers and HRDLog Super cluster with spot quality display.
  • Intelligent cluster filtering provides automatic collection of award references.
  • Multiple Cluster viewer band maps by band and mode. 6 clusters connected are enough for you?
  • Radio CAT control via either Omnirig or Hamlib
  • Real time grey line presentation with long and short path tracks and headings.
  • Security of user information and data with multiple backup options and locations.
  • User configured layouts for cluster and logbook grids





Log4OM is SAFE