VOACAP Integration

Log4OM features an unique VOACAP engine based on Alex VE3NEA work that provide full VOACAP data for the selected QSO in less than one second, with fully featured graphical view of the contact.

Calculated data are based on your location, your declared power, your locator, contact locator, band, hour and current space weather information, updated hourly by Log4OM in background. User can configured his required Signal-to-noise ratio based on his preferences, experience and his antenna conditions.

S/N Ratio indicating LO/HI Range, SNRXX and SNR base level

Circuit reliability in percentage for the 40m band from JN65eo to JO01jp

And the SdbW ratio, i.e. the median signal power at receiver site

User can then calculate the heatmap of propagation based on band, current time, focused on S/N Ratio (SNRxx), SdBW and Reliability


Why calling someone in the cluster if you don’t have possibilities to contact him?

Log4OM calculated HOURLY the propagation matrix for each 4-digit gridsquare starting from your home, for EVERY BAND included in the calculation (All HF up to 6m). That’s an HUGE amount of calculations, that took less than one minute in background.

Those data are then integrated in REALTIME with your cluster view, showing the RAW propagation information on EVERY SINGLE SPOT in the cluster, based on your point of view. STOP FILTERING SPOTS based on your own continent of origin. Start working SMART filtering data by reliability of the 2-way QSO! Check for green spots to have more possibilities!