Log4OM connects to the world, but it can be used without any kind of external connection when required.

When operating portable without an internet connection the user can still take advantage of the Log4OM features because its resources are constantly updated and downloaded locally.

As a result the user may operate a portable station quiet normally and on return to the main stations location rapidly select all of the new QSO and bulk update the information by using the online lookup facilities and Log4OM’s constantly updated free country database.

Log4OM supports HAMQTH, QRZ.COM, QRZCQ and HAMCALL for web lookup and works with its internal and constantly updated Clublog database and CTY file for zone and call sign exceptions, additionally Log4OM has an internal engine for call sign recognition based on the Clublog historical archives.

Log4OM keeps the users data safe and shares it through HRDLog.net, LOTW, EQSL, HAMQTH, QRZ.COM and the users personal on line presence with an advanced “post” engine which is completely user configurable.