Award centered

Log4OM will feature the powerful V1 award engine but completely reworked. Each award, from the most complex to the most common is completely database-driven and under the user’s control.

Log4OM features 3 award categories:

  • QSO field driven. References are saved into a QSO database field. DXCC, WAS, Continents, CQ Zones are all QSO related fields. Log4OM discovers them and automatically register their references. To create a new award that tracks QSO with John, Jack, Jim and Johnny? Simply create a new award with those 4 names as references and point out the QSO field containing the operator name, without “no strict” option checked.
  • Callsign field driven. In the case of an award that is granted by working PA1EME, F4EME, EA3EME, G4EME ? Create a call sign driven award, add those call signs in a suitable range of dates and check the results while working them during an EME event.
  • Reference field driven. The classic QSO reference. Log4OM features an improved reference recognition engine that is able to parse a cluster spot in real time alerting  for possible references to be saved.

All awards are centrally managed, but can be edited, changed and have information added  according to the users requirements. Awards are also added and maintained by the Log4OM team while SOTA and IOTA awards are automatically updated from their own resources.