Log4OM has more than one hundred different customization options.

You can simply accept the default configuration or go in depth into the software configuration to customize every aspect of Log4OM.

Almost everything that has a different option e.g. Login Names, Passwords, station details, call signs etc in the ham radio world can be changed in the options menu tabs.


If you don’t wish to send a paper QSL you can set the QSL sent status to a “NO” or “Ignore” by default. If you want to manually set the QSO end time you have an option for that also!


If you don’t want any external service to interact with your log you can disable everything, but you can keep active the option “Get contacted operator name from previous QSO” if you would like to use the names that you saved in previous contacts instead of using the one provided by HAMQTH or QRZ.COM.


In Log4OM there is an option for everything, and all options can be saved in a different profile. If you want a different profile set for your contest callsign, included a different database, simply create a new profile and everything will be set as you require.