Log4OM is very flexible software which integrates with a variety of external services and other software applications.

It’s able to connect to your radio through the OMNIRIG and HAMLIB libraries, for a full integration with cluster and log. Simply click on a cluster spot and your radio will be tuned to the right frequency/Mode and your QSO will be prepared to be included in your log.

All with a single CLICK.


Log4OM is integrated with Winkeyer by K1EL and other K1EL protocol compatible hardware. The system provides macros, direct integration with the Log4OM database and a wide range of options to set up and manage your keyer.









Log4OM is interfaced through the Log4OM Communicator to PSTRotator, a rotor controller that works with most rotators and it is also able to tune your SteppIR and UltraBeam antenna.

Digital modes

Digital mode software like FLDigi is fully integrated with Log4OM. Also JT65 and JT-Alert software are able to interact natively with the Log4OM database. The older free versions of HRD DM780 are able to push QSO’s into Log4OM as well as it’s own log.

Label software

HRDLabel is natively supporting Log4OM, by interacting with our webservices to read informations to be printed into labels and update the QSL printed status in Log4OM itself.

Other integrations

Log4OM is open to further communications by providing a set of TCP commands and WCF services.

It’s also able to monitor an ADIF file for changes, automatically loading into it’s own log each new QSO found in the ADIF and added by other applications.