Log4OM is designed to be SAFE. This is one of our primary objectives.


How do we achieve this:

Safe means that you have full control of your database. You have 2 database options to save your Log with: SQLite or MySQL.

Both systems are OPEN SOURCE and FREE. SQLite is the optimal solution for your single user database and doesn’t require technical skills to be used, while MySQL offers better performance in a multi-operator environment but it is a bit harder to configure and backup.

For both database you can find free tools to inspect and edit your log file (but to avoid unexpected issues we recommend you to use the Log4OM functions to fix and edit your data!).

Safe means that Log4OM is able to IMPORT and EXPORT all existing official ADIF fields, plus all Log4OM program specific fields. ADIF is the world standard for ham radio data log export.

Safe means Log4OM can be configured to save, at every shutdown, your COMPLETE log into an ADIF file in 2 different locations/disk/shares on cloud and can be instructed to keep the first one with a backup rotation of X files (by default it keeps the latest 6 backups, deleting the older one when a new one is available). The secondary backup doesn’t support cancellation. You can theoretically have a backup of every single Log4OM session.

Safe means Log4OM can export your data into CSV files to be imported and analyzed in Excel.

Safe means Log4OM is able to upload your log, in real time, to almost every well known public online Log (QRZ.COM, HAMQTH, HRDLOG, CLUBLOG, eQSL, LOTW).

Safe means your data is in your control all the time. Each Log4OM configuration file (except the one that includes your password for external services, which is simply encrypted with Base64 and can be easily decrypted) is easily readable with your notepad and configurable, if required.