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Lost configuration

Log4OM store his configurations in a file called config.json

This file is usually stored in the windows roaming folder under “\log4OM2\user” path. To quickly reach this folder simply type “\\%appdata%\Log4OM2” into your resource manager path or windows quick search.

Sometimes, mainly after main Log4OM or windows updates, your O.S. may prevent Log4OM from writing in the configuration folder. That’s prevents Log4OM correctly saving the config.json file and, basically, his own configuration. The result is a “clean startup” of Log4Om and, basically, you are not connected to your database file (that is still in a safe place).

Please note all indications below are related to this base path: \\%appdata%\Log4OM2

To restore your “last working configuration” please:

  1. turn off Log4OM2
  2. navigate to the “\BACKUP” folder.
  3. recover the latest “working” config.json (or one of your choice based on the available files) file (it’s usually named as “your call” _ “save date (yyyymmdd)” _ “save time (hhmmss)” _ config.json)
  4. make a copy of it
  5. rename the copy as “config.json”
  6. place the file into “\USER” folder.

This will restore your latest working config.

Please note:

You may have changed your default backup folder in Log4OM program settings. In this case the files (the BACKUP folder) are in the place where you moved them.

If working with PORTABLE configurations the config file is in the \CONFIG folder inside the program path. Backup is also inside this folder.

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