Release note – Version

· [NEW] to add/edit incoming UDP message and UDP incoming proxy there is a new option here in program settings.Image· [NEW] Added active monitoring of main UI performances to identify bottlenecks and external resources poor performances (new PERFORMANCE tag is visible on QSO message area – Log level DEBUG or higher).· [NEW] Added support for […]

Release note – Version 2.25.0

• [NEW] Log4OM is now able to retrieve nearest airport weather data automatically. Please note that updates are performed HOURLY and are related to to your current user profile location NEAREST AIRPORT (it could be some miles away). User can override default selection to find a more suitable airport in relation of his specific position […]

Release note – Version

[NEW] Added QRZ.COM confirmation download support (storage of the information and usage in managed awards). ADIF Export is actually not available as the ADIF committee has not voted yet. [NEW] User can now select the in depth how to perform a callsign search, while typing or while leaving the callsign field. Leaving has 2 options […]

Release note – Version

[NEW] Award statistics can now be filtered by ALL / WORKED / NOT WORKED / WORKED NOT VALIDATED/GRANTED [NEW] On QSO data entry, the PAUSE key will lock/unlock the QSO START TIME, regardless of any other setting or user preference [NEW] Added an option in LABEL PRINT to select QSO where you have RECEIVED a […]

Your donations

The donations that you send to us are very gratefully received and they help to offset the cost of server time, annual coding software costs etc, which we could not afford without your assistance.In the past we have been able to send a personal thank you message to each donor by email because PayPal provided […]

Release note – Version HOTFIX

[NEW] Added new indication on worked before for calls worked in the same MODE GROUP (PHONE / DIGITAL / CW) if mode is not the same but belongs to the same group [FIX] Fixed misplaced label in configuration form [FIX] Worked before routine [FIX] Alert routine for matching callsign (with and without wildcards)

Release note – Version

[NEW] Added worked stations Lat/Lon on main interface (Info F2), Keyer interface and QSO edit interface. This data is retrieved from external sources, when available. [NEW] Operator name can now be retrieved from previous QSO (using the name in the QSO used to identify previously worked callsign by band/mode) [OPTION in USER PREFERENCES] [NEW] A […]