Log4OM 2 Released

Release note – Version CAT frequency display is now user configurable for best visual comfort in Settings -> CAT Added viewable Clublog Sent, QRZCom Sent, HamQTH Sent fields to the list of available fields in grid. Faster LOTW download. “paper qsl confirmation download” made optional. You should use it only when you have new […]

Log4OM 2 – Release

Release note Enhanced Omnirig error handling HAMLIB logics reworked to make it working as it should HAMLIB PTT parameters correctly saved fix Cluster interlock enhancements Cluster data visualization improvements Info provider page now shows the details of connection errors Added selected/total counter in qso grids Cluster start button now can be used to stop cluster […]

Log4OM 2 – Release

Release note – Version [NEW] Added capability to run multiple instances [NEW] Added “Select required” button for quick QSL upload. Required status is based on user preferences expressed in SETTINGS -> USER CONFIGURATION -> CONFIRMATIONS menu option [NEW] Incremental worked before search in worked before grids. [WORKED BEFORE] notification will appears only on exact […]

Log4OM 2 – Bugfix release

⦁ [FIX] MySQL / MARIADB search exception fixed ⦁ [FIX] SQLite date format fix on some systems that prevent correct data load/visualization fixed (corrupted database -> require a new full import) ⦁ [FIX] Extensive fix of TAB sequence order ⦁ [FIX] Error handling when forms are not created yet ⦁ [FIX] Issues in external sources […]

Log4OM V2

Welcome to Log4OM V2. Log4OM support is direct from the development team and the user community, this guarantees to all users the best experience and a fast resolution of any problems. If you are an experienced user and can help, please do so! If you need help please ask for support, however please be polite […]