Log4OM Released

Release note – Version
⦁ [NEW] Added support to Hamlib 4.2
⦁ [NEW] Added dual VFO hamlib capability by supporting new “VFO mode” parameter (Enable VFO Mode in hamlib configuration screen)
⦁ [NEW] Cluster alert email notifications.
Mail server can be configured from Program Configuration under “Program Settings / E-mail settings” menu.
Alert destination list can be configured from Program Configuration under “Software Configuration / Cluster / Alerts” menu
⦁ [NEW] Added PFX (prefix) field on main UI and QSO EDIT. In Contest and Winkeyer the field is automatically saved without data presentation on user interface.
⦁ [NEW] Added new massive update feature in QSO Management / QSO Checks section for PFX data
⦁ Log4OM will not update IOTA and SOTA archives anymore if the user set IOTA and SOTA awards in the deactivated awards list. This option is recommended to speed up Log4OM interface when those awards are not used at all. User manual update request will force the update in any case.
⦁ Changed format of hamlib riglist file. You can regenerate hamlib_riglist.txt from a newer hamlib release using “rigctl -l >hamlib_riglist.txt” and moving the produced file to the config folder
⦁ Added PFX field in QSO Edit screen
⦁ Added capability to identify award related callsigns on main UI when data is coming from user input rather than cluster
⦁ Small optimization in cluster simulation function
⦁ Improved precision of gridsquare representation in map
⦁ Added capability to show up to 2 association data in the QSO grids. Associations can be customized from settings/user preferences. Associations can now be searched from grid search functions
⦁ External resource manual update is now performed through the scheduler and not in real time. Expect it running in the next 30″
⦁ Added a parameter on SUPPORT REQUEST form to remove all passwords related to amateur services from log. This may prevent users from receiving valid support if the issue is related to a communication process and we can’t reproduce. Please note that LOG may contain some residual passwords.
Please note we NEVER export (in support requests) or log anything containing your email user/password, if configured.
⦁ [FIX] QSO distance field not always calculated on ADIF import
⦁ [FIX] Fixed missing cleanup of the statistical matrix on cleanup
⦁ [FIX] IOTA, IOTA_ISLAND_ID and SOTA csv export issue fixed
⦁ [FIX] IOTA_ISLAND_ID export issue in ADIF output fixed
⦁ [FIX] State field not correctly populated from cluster in main UI
⦁ [FIX] Fixed issue that prevented association data to be saved correctly under some circumstances
⦁ [FIX] Fixed issue that prevented correct identification when uploading QSO to HRDLOG using a callsign different from the one registered in HRDLOG (eg. /P)