Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added TCI CAT support for rig control for Expert SDR devices
  • [NEW] Added TCI SPOT integration for Expert SDR devices
  • [NEW] Added TCI support on CW keyer management for Expert SDR devices (the keyer engine can be selected in the Program Settings – Hardware – CW Keyer interface)
  • “-f update” added as an option in LOTW settings. This command is supported only on latest TQSL versions
  • Added an option in LOTW settings to set “-t” field on TQSL string. This will generate a TQSL_LOG.txt logfile in Log4OM settings folder /Temp. Settings folder is reachable from HELP menu.
  • Added an option in LOTW settings to start TQSL in interactive mode (Log4OM will start TQSL in a separated thread and then proceeds confirming the upload of the selected QSO. It’s user responsibility to ensure that QSO are correctly loaded into LOTW)
  • Improved CAT management screen in program settings
  • Optimized management of CAT settings (Hamlib users should re-set their settings)
  • Added CQ/ITU zone check on QSO received through UDP connections (JTxx and similar)
  • [FIX] Fixed ADIF import when QSO_DATE_OFF field is not available but there is a TIME_OFF