Release note – Version [BETA]

  • [NEW] Added QSO coordinate show/edit on main interface, Keyer interface and QSO edit interface. Those data are retrieved from external sources, when available.
  • [NEW] Operator name can now be retrieved from previous QSO (using the name in the QSO used to identify previously worked callsign by band/mode)
  • [NEW] A new SWAP button will now be available near callsign name if previous QSO name is different from the one retrieved from external source. You can swap between them to save the preferred one.
  • Restored BAND_RX and FREQ_RX previous behaviour on main UI even if they’re equal to TX
  • Removed BAND_RX and FREQ_RX on ADIF output if they’re equal to TX
  • Callsign passed to cluster (default from station callsign) is now cleaned up of prefix and suffix if present (some clusters doesn’t allow /QRP or similar). Technically the string <CALLSIGN> used as placeholder on cluster input is now cleaned up from added extensions
  • “Worked before” check routines optimized
  • Cluster map repaint threaded
  • Cluster map repaint will be stopped when cluster throttling is active
  • [WINKEYER] Keyer interface now use multithreaded queue as output buffer
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • ABOUT message updated
  • Added usage data statistical report for users that have enabled the statistic report flag.
  • Updated EULA with detailed info on statistic information collected with user permission.
  • [FIX] Coordinates not saved on QSO creation

Changes from previous BETA version