Release note – Version 2.28.0

• [NEW] Added support to legacy TCI message “clicked_on_spot” with target default to VFO A

• [NEW] Unlocked RST fields for direct user entry

• [NEW] UTC Clock can now be set on top as an option (checkbox in the top right corner of the clock area)

[NEW] Added CALLSIGN filter on cluster screen. Filter work on ALL CLUSTER DATA, ignoring ALL OTHER filters (band, mode, worked, beam direction, LOTW…).

• [NEW] Multiple configurations now shows the configuration “friendly name” along with the id code

• [NEW] When uploading QSO to QRZ.COM, if the station call differs from the one indicated on QRZ logbook the QSO is discarded. Added a new field (on QRZ.COM settings) to force the STATION CALLSIGN to the value accepted by QRZ.COM. This will allow you to load as “<YOUR STATION CALLSIGN>” also QSO made under <YOUR STATION CALLSIGN>/QRP /P or other.

Please note that this option will also update your callsign in the case you made QSO’s with specific country suffixes, so in this case a specific evaluation should be done by the user (eventually loading QSO under a different logbook file)

• [NEW] Memory Reminder interface can now be used to store CURRENT callsign/CAT frequency for a quick recall

• [NEW] Label print has now an option to print VIA <MANAGER CALL> on top of the label (in PRINT page)

• [NEW] Label print code optimization (text placement) and bugfixing. Now CALLSIGN and COMMENT/QSL MESSAGE font size are user configurable. WARN: RECHECK YOUR LABEL PRINT SETTINGS AS THEY MAY HAVE BEEN CHANGED

• Alert management panel sorted alphabetically

• Settings – connections no more enable disable connection by simply clicking over it when selecting them. A confirmation click is now needed to change the status.

• Improved TCI spot data

• Improved screen placement persistence between different versions

• Added some checks to avoid loosing configuration in HAMLIB config under some circumstances

• [FIX] Fixed an issue that prevented load of award filters once set

• [FIX] Fixed an issue on cluster alerts when “any” is selected as source

• [FIX] Cluster band map doesn’t reads correctly preferred bands on main UI

• [FIX] Worked same band/mode group click doesn’t open worked before UI

• [FIX] Fixed issue with form placement between releases (will start working properly from next version as from now the application will preserve static form names)

• [FIX] Fixed issue in reset window positions function

• [FIX] Fixed issue in chat friend list