Release note – Version

  • [NEW] When a REFERENCE selected in the reference menu contains a GRIDSQUARE the locator field become a list box and preselects the reference grid, with the original grid kept in the list.
    This is already working when a reference is contained into a SPOT, but external source’s grid is not retrieved.
  • [NEW] Added <PRESSURE_MMHG> and <PRESSURE_HP> to CW macro and cloud layer base height if available
  • [NEW] Added a parameter in cluster alert configurations to retrigger an alert if the spot appears again with same data (band, mode, callsign) after an user defined amount of minutes. Set ZERO to “never trigger again” during current application session (max value 1440 minutes – one day).
    PLEASE NOTE: Editing alerts will RESET current alert cache, so new spots will trigger all matching alerts once again.
  • Code refactoring to standardize some procedures to C# best practices on query parameters, scheduler and other features.
  • Hamlib minimum polling rate increased to 500ms to comply with internal hamlib cache engine. Configuration should be saved at least once to get the new value.
  • Small optimizations in code (Main UI reactivity on voacap calculations)
  • Application cache optimizations
  • Small file filter optimizations
  • Update lotw functions to use forced “interactive” TQSL approach when running from user interface, rather than using the user option value used to handle “unattended” uploads
  • Optimized CAT routines and added a +-500Hz tolerance when application is near one of the “special frequencies” in band plan (eg. FT8 and other) instead of exact match to single Hz
  • [FIX] Changed the CLUBLOG archive database parsing engine due to an unexpected change in the CLUBLOG exception file (namespace removal)
  • [FIX] Filters now save IN Parameters as expected. Previous filters containing IN parameter should be rebuilt.
  • [FIX] Hamlib parameter not saved/reloaded under some circumstances (really???)
  • [FIX] Optimized weather METAR parsing function when some data are not available and replaced with “/////”
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that duplicated some figures in award statistics, detailed mode, total values affecting all awards, including LOTW (visualization issue)