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Log4OM 1.38.0 released

In this release we fixed an issue with EQSL upload on some modes, switching upload to ADIF 3 at the same time.

On behalf of the Log4OM team i wish to say thanks to Xavier PP5XA for his translation of the manual in portuguese. Good job Xavier! Thanks!

Log4OM 1.37.0 Released

– Added new winkeyer shortcuts: 
Alt-Enter will save the current QSO. 
Alt-S will send the text currently shown.
– TCP code is now more resilient to random bytes produced by noise on the TCP stack by RF
– FT4 mode added to Modelist. If you patched modelist or added modelist_user please remove it as FT4 should be logged in ADIF 3.x as MFSK / FT4

Log4OM 1.36.0 Released

Release notes Version 1.36.0

Added support to QARTest direct QSO import in Log4OM Communicator (Inbound settings, default port is 9458)

Added support to N1MM direct QSO import (UDP Broadgast -> CONTACT option in N1MM settings) in Log4OM Communicator (Inbound settings, default port 12060)

Added new CAT mode in settings (Source: N1MM – selection: External) that overrides Omnirig and Hamlib (requires a running communicator instance)

Set autofocus over search fields of QSO Management and QSL Management forms

Added Aircraft Scatter in the propagation mode list and moved the whole list to external configuration file (propagation.csv)

Log4OM 1.35.0

Release notes Version 1.35.0
This release is dedicated to our friend Chuck K7PT SK


  • Moved resources to main project website
  • Small adjustments in menu
  • Log4OM download resources moved to HTTPS
  • Country identification routine fixed and improved
  • User Callsign Lookup is now able to work also with main SCL files (for internal team management use, but available to everyone)
  • Forced ADIF export in UTF-8 format to comply with special codepages
  • Changed upload ADIF version towards LOTW to ADIF3
  • Improved Clublog exception search mechanism