Log4OM release changes

Some news from the Log4OM team, which we are sure you will appreciate. Release 2.20 is almost ready, and will bring some new features and many stability improvements and bug fixes that will enhance your enjoyment of Log4OM From the next release “beta” versions will also be available for download from the Log4OM website the […]

Release note – Version

[NEW] Added new INBOUND/OUTBOUND communication option called “DB_UPDATED”. This UDP Service can broadcast (or point to a single IP) the “database updated” message to force all clients on the same network, sharing the same database, to update their data. NOTE: Inbound and outbound can be set to the same port, as the inbound function will […]

Release note – Version

[NEW] Backup can now be saved directly in SQLITE instead of ADIF. This choice is selectable for main backup (+ monthly backup), alternate backup, none or both (for maximum security we recommend to keep at least one backup as standard ADIF). [NEW] Backup can now be zipped as an option. This choice is selectable for […]

Release note – Version

[NEW] Added TCI CAT support for rig control for Expert SDR devices [NEW] Added TCI SPOT integration for Expert SDR devices [NEW] Added TCI support on CW keyer management for Expert SDR devices (the keyer engine can be selected in the Program Settings – Hardware – CW Keyer interface) “-f update” added as an option […]

Release note – Version 2.15.0

[NEW] Added option to print “RETURN TO” label for DIRECT/MANAGER DIRECT labels [NEW] Added option to print “MY ADDRESS” label for SASE-type QSL sent via DIRECT/MANAGER DIRECT [NEW] Added winkeyer, all currently open cluster screen, worked before, net control and chat screens to the auto open list on restart [NEW] Allowed multiple independent cluster screens […]

Release note – Version

[NEW] Contest interface has been removed. All functions are now managed by main interface [NEW] Winkeyer user interface has been rewritten for a more coherent layout [NEW] When connected to CWSkimmer telnet server (Enable “CWSkimmer commands” in the CWSkimmer ‘Settings’ window) Log4OM is able to detect and lookup callsign/frequency on click Added contest mode switch […]

Log4OM Released

Release note – Version [NEW] Added export to excel button on grids [NEW] Introduced caching for external sources and callsign statistics [NEW] Added automatic cluster disconnection when counterpart become unresponsive Updated Bonair Island flag Hamlib rigs are now alphabetically sorted by manufacturer-model Added frequency on email alerts Spots can now be sent to localhost […]