Log4OM 2 – Release

Release note

  • Enhanced Omnirig error handling
  • HAMLIB logics reworked to make it working as it should
  • HAMLIB PTT parameters correctly saved fix
  • Cluster interlock enhancements
  • Cluster data visualization improvements
  • Info provider page now shows the details of connection errors
  • Added selected/total counter in qso grids
  • Cluster start button now can be used to stop cluster in main UI
  • Send spot button disabled when cluster is not connected
  • Added 2 new buttons to force SPOT send from popup screen with notes
  • [FIX] Removed worked before refresh button
  • [FIX] Alert filters doesn’t trigger if reporter continent is set under some circumstances
  • [FIX] Added missing password encoding on some external calls
  • [FIX] Added ADIF check on import for empty file/incomplete basic data provided
  • [FIX] Main UI labels fixed
  • [FIX] Multiple award list in dropdown menu
  • [FIX] CQ and ITU zones fixed in QSO EDIT
  • [FIX] HRDLog status update
  • [FIX] [OmniRig] Fixed issue on RIG2 when RIG1 is not available
  • [FIX] Spot incorrectly reports TX VFO frequency during SPLIT operations on 2 VFO rigs