Log4OM 2 Released

Release note – Version

⦁ [NEW] Serial winkeyer devices are now supported (added DTR pin HIGH on WK initialization)
⦁ [NEW] Added ADIF import checks for missing BAND/MODE. Log4OM tries to recover band from frequency if available. If found and MODE is missing, the mode will be retrieved from the bandplan as best match.
⦁ [NEW] New Station management. You can now create multiple configurations with different radio and antenna. Each antenna under specific radio can be set to be the preferred antenna for the indicated radio when working on the indicated band
⦁ Increased to 60″ the wait-on-shutdown maximum time.
⦁ Added 45 seconds timeout to LOTW TQSL call on shutdown. Small optimizations on TQSL start parameters.
⦁ Added “you have been spotted” message on user interface (main, contest, winkeyer)
⦁ Improved USA-CA identification routine by adding capability to concatenate 2 database fields in award manager with an optional separator (STATE – CNTY fields)
⦁ Added reference rescan on QSO EDIT save
⦁ Optimizations on PTT key routines
⦁ Updated Libya, Georgia, Kosovo, South Sudan, ITU, San Marino flags
⦁ Added ARRL prefix tooltip over country flag on country user control
⦁ Removed (opt) label in External Services LOTW Configuration
⦁ Added log screen in QSO update window with details of activities
⦁ Label print search data optimizations
⦁ Award confirmation routine (import) now sets the reference if missing in the originally saved QSO
⦁ Award confirmation (import) routine now sets the reference in the COMMENT field
⦁ Fixed HRDLog qso upload random failure
⦁ Clublog uploads marked as DUPE will be considered valid and QSO will switch to SENT=YES
⦁ MOTD interface improvements
⦁ [FIX] MY CQZone was changed in program configuration under some circumstances when QSO is logged from external applications
⦁ [FIX] Contest mode START/END time fixed UTC issues
⦁ [FIX] CQ Zone set to zero when importing from JT applications fixed
⦁ [FIX] Fixed rotator commands in Winkeyer and Contest screen
⦁ [FIX] Added missing fields to HRDLOG data upload
⦁ [FIX] Fixed issue on Winkeyer initialization (WK_Range)