Log4OM Released

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] label “SAT MODE” now show the satellite name if selected
  • [NEW] Added Band map in main UI (with HIDE button on bottom right)
  • [NEW] SPOT SEND screen will now allow you to recover data from previously saved QSO (current session only)
  • [NEW] Added more automated massive QSO update capabilities in QSO Management screen
  • [NEW] Added massive award confirmation status functions on Award Statistics page
  • [NEW] Award export now has more options and support WWFF and POTA ADIF output with SIG/MY_SIG/SIGINFO/MY_SIGINFO output
  • [NEW] Added option to avoid label printing on LAST ROW of the sheet. This will enable usage of NON BORDERLESS printers. New parameter is in the LABEL DEFINITION
  • [NEW] Added Color support on labels. New parameter is in the LABEL DEFINITION
  • Send SEND SPOT button relocated near operator name in main UI
  • Award references can now be searched by ALL fields in the reference itself, not only reference code.
  • Hamlib RIG_PASSBAND_NOCHANGE implemented. That should fix the narrow filter issue in Hamlib on mode change, on radio that supports this command
  • UPDATED voacap statistic engine
  • Added SEND SPOT capabilities to Contest and winkeyer screen
  • Band map scroll and spot placement optimizations
  • Band map can now follow radio band
  • Award statistics columns made resizable
  • Antenna identification routine optimized
  • Cluster detected “SPOT MODE” overrides emission type from bandplan value to real mode emission type
  • Maximum number of open external Band Map reduced to 1
  • [FIX] Band order in station radio/antenna configuration properly sorted on ADD list
  • [FIX] EQsl/LOTW download date no more moved to -1 years from today when multiple download requests are performed in the same day
  • [FIX] PSE QSL * now marks correctly QSO that require QSL confirmation in label print
  • [FIX] Fixed issue in QSO Edit for references not selectable even if set invalid after QSO date (id #299)
  • [FIX] Fixed twice MY_STATE adif tag export.