Log4OM Released

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] New “resource editor” function (Settings menu) allow advanced users to personalize program configuration files. Usage of this feature requires a good knowledge of Log4OM.
  • [NEW] FCC database support for STATE visualization in cluster data.
  • [NEW] Log4OM joined the Off-Air Message Service, a new Ham Radio shared chat environment that joins Log4OM and GridTracker users. You can find it in the UTILITIES menu
  • [NEW] downloaded eQSL’s can now be viewed in QSO edit screen
  • [NEW] Starting from this release we may release PUBLIC BETA versions to try and test new features before official release. You can subscribe to this opportunity by clicking on the “Check for PUBLIC BETA updates” in SETTINGS -> PROGRAM SETTINGS. Public beta will be released through Log4OM website.
  • You can now hide Statistics from F6 main UI tab via right menu button
  • Removed DARC_DOK award from the list. Valid one is DLD
  • Updated Clublog xmlns version to 1.3
  • Updated predicted solar data function to read new JSON provided by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
  • QSL Manager screen “return key” will perform a search operation on current callsign value
  • 2 more sounds added to the Alert/Chat notification options
  • NET CONTROL: Added option to disable data lookup.
  • NET CONTROL: Data manually inserted into callsign definition are no more overwritten by external lookup.
  • NET CONTROL: Automatic country identification on new callsign definitions works without external lookup.
  • LAZY LOG: New input keys for single QSO: name, comment, county and state
  • Added support for user defined bandplan (added support for “_user” suffix)
  • [FIX] Application deadlock during idle time should be fixed
  • [FIX] CQ/ITU zone import from ADIF fixed when counterpart data are not available on search engines.
  • [FIX] Award Confirmation import routine fix on date recognization
  • [FIX] 000329: Saved filters don’t work on re-load
  • [FIX] 000325: Fixed POTA export from Award Stats