Log4OM Released

Release note – Version
[NEW] Added QSO date range in LOTW confirmations download
[NEW] Added friends list management in CHAT screen
[NEW] Contact matrix show in BLUE previous mode/band contacts with the current callsign
[NEW] If an award reference retrieved from cluster contains a known gridsquare this is used to show and save QSO info.
[NEW] SOTA references locators are now calculated with 6 digits
[NEW] Implemented non standard callsign file support
[NEW] Statistics on main UI now show the confirmation status for the current callsign, callsign on current band and callsign on current mode.
[NEW] Improved label printing. Added capability to print “my references” or “comment” on each single QSO in the label (if any). QSL Message and NOTE became a single field printed on label bottom area. All texs are optional.
⦁ Main UI threading code optimizations
⦁ Statistics area performance rework
⦁ Disable speed potentiomenter setting made persistant in Winkeyer options
⦁ VOACAP engine performance optimizations
⦁ Chat engine optimizations and protocol changes
⦁ Chat engine try to reconnection in case of external disconnection
⦁ Log-style screen performances enhanced
⦁ Improved logging of running threads
⦁ No more debug messages in CHAT screen when working in TRACE MODE log
⦁ UDP and CAT logging made optional in the main application log to reduce amount of data written to the log. 2 new options in the HELP menu -> LOG LEVEL sub menu
⦁ Fixed compatibility issue of telnet cluster relay server with Win4ICOM suite
⦁ Left area stats show/hide setting made persistant
[FIX] Fixed issue with automatic FCC updates when an EN.dat file was already available
[FIX] Fixed issue on LOTW QSL paper confirmation download that may have not correctly downloaded data in the past. If you recently submitted paper QSL to checkers please perform a full download of LOTW data from the stone age of your license
[FIX] Code optimizations (speed improvements) applied when dealing with duplicated spots coming from multiple connected clusters
[FIX] Multiple reference support handling on same spot fixed
[FIX] “incoming message” indicator now correctly open the CHAT screen
[FIX] LOTW station call (opt) not correctly set in the download screen. Fixed
[FIX] Mode and Band data lists not correctly updated from web under some circumstances