Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added new INBOUND/OUTBOUND communication option called “DB_UPDATED”. This UDP Service can broadcast (or point to a single IP) the “database updated” message to force all clients on the same network, sharing the same database, to update their data. NOTE: Inbound and outbound can be set to the same port, as the inbound function will automatically discard self generated notifications.
  • [NEW] Added lock button to cluster view. This will actually freeze any update, including parameter change updates
  • [NEW] Added swap button on label routing page to swap between QSO saved information and external source retrieved data (if any)
  • [NEW] Added support for TCI protocol 1.7
  • [NEW] Added support for TX button in TCI interface
  • [NEW] RX change on TCI enabled rigs now update the current rig selection in Log4OM and follows frequency changes.
  • [NEW] New option in LOTW download to add QSO received from LOTW but missing/not found in your log (new check box in the user interface).
  • Updated chat server engine URL
  • Updated clublog server URL for exception download
  • Updated NOAA solar data retrieval mechanism from FTP to HTTPS
  • [FIX] Fixed a cross thread exception that occurred sometimes on CHAT interface
  • [FIX] Fixed single QSO ADIF import issue