Log4OM release changes

Some news from the Log4OM team, which we are sure you will appreciate.

Release 2.20 is almost ready, and will bring some new features and many stability improvements and bug fixes that will enhance your enjoyment of Log4OM

From the next release “beta” versions will also be available for download from the Log4OM website the same as the “release” versions. Please note that we do NOT provide support for BETA versions under any circumstances, we will however carefully check any bug reports that you report.

At the same time we are expanding the group of “official” Log4OM beta testers, who will have a dedicated DISCORD chat channel (you need to have a DISCORD client installed) and a direct line to the CORE team.

Joining the group of beta testers is a simple but effective way to participate actively in the development of Log4OM thus helping us in its creation.

Our only requirement is that you understand the application well and be proactive and careful in reporting any anomalies and try all the new features and fixes.

If you wish to dedicate some of your time to Log4OM you can contact us on the Log4OM DISCORD server here: https://discord.gg/tH4Dsh4n

73 de Log4OM team