Your donations

The donations that you send to us are very gratefully received and they help to offset the cost of server time, annual coding software costs etc, which we could not afford without your assistance.
In the past we have been able to send a personal thank you message to each donor by email because PayPal provided the information, however at the end of 2021 PayPal significantly reduced the information they provide to the recipient, thus making it virtually impossible for us to discover any contact details without a significant amount of detective work.

This is the reason that recently many of you have not been thanked or acknowledged when making donations so we would like to take this opportunity to apologise and to thank you all for your continued support.

Without your donations Log4OM would not be free and probably have ceased to exist, it is your efforts that have made it possible for Log4OM to continue to develop for over 10 years and hopefully far into the future.