Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Award statistics can now be filtered by ALL / WORKED / NOT WORKED / WORKED NOT VALIDATED/GRANTED
  • [NEW] On QSO data entry, the PAUSE key will lock/unlock the QSO START TIME, regardless of any other setting or user preference
  • [NEW] Added an option in LABEL PRINT to select QSO where you have RECEIVED a QSL and never answered.
  • [NEW] Added an option in the CONFIRMATION search control (Grid search / Confirmations tab / QSL Management) to select multiple confirmation status:
    • SENT: Single status as before / YES (include YES and QUEUED) / NO (all other status)
    • RECEIVED: Single status as before / YES (include YES) / NO (all other status)
  • [NEW] Added new “mixed search” for confirmations to concurrently search for LOTW/EQSL/PAPER QSL status in AND and OR logic (Grid search / Confirmations tab / QSL Management)
  • Increased cluster custom message max length to 60kb
  • Removed “prefix search” from clublog info search exceptions, that may be less accurate than COUNTRY FILE (CTY) in retrieving correct CQ/ITU zones
  • [FIX] ADIF_VER tag in ADIF export
  • [FIX] Cluster alert that won’t trigger “new one” under some circumstances
  • [FIX] Cluster items always highlighted as “unworked” when cluster worked before setting is not checked in the “configuration – performance” tab. Now if the check is disabled the callsign is not highlighted in any way.
  • [FIX] CQ/ITU zones incorrectly identified in some situations
  • [FIX] QSO start date no more locked when double clicking on cluster while “stop time when leaving callsign field” is set. The time now locks only when user leave the CALLSIGN field with TAB/SHIFT-TAB