Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added QRZ.COM confirmation download support (storage of the information and usage in managed awards). ADIF Export is actually not available as the ADIF committee has not voted yet.
  • [NEW] User can now select the in depth how to perform a callsign search, while typing or while leaving the callsign field. Leaving has 2 options now, leaving field by clicking elsewhere or tabbing out, or only on tabbing out the callsign field. All options are available in PROGRAM SETTINGS / PERFORMANCE tab.
  • Improved ADIF import routine sensitivity to better support QRZ.COM ADIF output
  • Added dynamic detection of some specific modes in EESDR3 (FT4/FT8/JT65) to correctly identify and show the mode in the main UI
  • Added new fields (readonly) on QSO called GridSquare4 and MyGridSquare4 that contains the 4 digit gridsquare from full field
  • Updated support for N1MM (ContactDelete raised before ContactUpdate)
  • Added support for negative offset
  • Added an option for sending “true frequency” to radio on SPOT click (instead of applying the reversed offset) in CAT settings page.
  • Optimized TCI Cat management
  • [FIX] Fixed supercluster issues
  • [FIX] Fixed gridsquare issues when spot is selected from cluster band map
  • [FIX] Gridsquare value is overwritten by automatic search even with flag not checked in user preferences
  • [FIX] Identified and fixed an issue on hamlib settings save
  • [FIX] Fixed hamlib error level issue in configuration
  • [FIX] Fixed TCI mode switch issue (not detected by radio)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue on offset management on TCI engine
  • [FIX] Multiple qso delete from QSO grid when using MySQL issue has been fixed. Some optimizations on SQLite side too
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue on label print when destination address doesn’t contains name of the receiver.