Release note – Version 2.25.0

• [NEW] Log4OM is now able to retrieve nearest airport weather data automatically. Please note that updates are performed HOURLY and are related to to your current user profile location NEAREST AIRPORT (it could be some miles away). User can override default selection to find a more suitable airport in relation of his specific position in a 200 km radius. There is a new submenu for that in settings area.

• [NEW] New screen in main user interface bottom area with current weather (F11)

• [NEW] CW macro values based on current weather Wind, temperature, current weather and cloud coverage are now available in different unit where available (°C, °F, Kts, Km/h, m/s)

• [NEW] Statistics on band/mode now show country worked/confirmed status (orange/green) and callsign worked status (cyan/blue)

• [NEW] Qso marked “DO NOT SEND” during label printing phase can be now updated in the “QSL SENT STATUS” of choice (default INVALID) when saving the final status of the QSO after label print. This will allow preventive filtering and prevent them from popping up again on every label print workout.

• [NEW] Qso not printed (routing type not selected for PDF output) can be marked with “QSL SENT STATUS” of choice. This can be useful if you don’t plan to send QSL cards via DIRECT or MANAGER DIRECT and you didn’t print any label for them, by deselecting the relevant option in the output page settings. Now those QSO can be marked to a definitive final status of choice and can be removed from the next search with default searching options (so they will not pop up anymore in the label print extraction unless you decide to work them again).

• [NEW] User can now select between google maps, bing maps and open street maps as world map in main UI. The option is in the PROGRAM SETTINGS

• [NEW] Label printing process can now pre-cache external source retrieval for a more efficient label processing. Caching work in background while you manually check the QSO in the routing screen, resulting in a faster load of the next QSO (if already cached)

• [NEW] Label routing page now features an “auto approve MANAGER / MANAGER BUREAU” QSL’ing, allowing you to concentrate on “no send” and “direct” QSL requests.

• Some optimizations on lag experienced during main UI refresh related to map refresh

• Added centralized update of RST.xml file from log4om.com server

• Small optimizations in grid query interface

• Added support for ADIF fields (import/export):

• Added new band “submm” (300 GHz -> 7500 GHz)

• Support request file now contains program scheduler

• [FIX] Fixed anomaly introduced by a format change in the NOAA planetary index data (Planetary K Index are now expressed as decimal values)

• [FIX] Fixed an issue that wrongly triggered alerts under some situations where MODE is selected

• [FIX] Fixed an issue that overrided the country/cq/itu data on the UI when manually changed by the user