Log4OM 2 – Bugfix release

⦁ [FIX] MySQL / MARIADB search exception fixed ⦁ [FIX] SQLite date format fix on some systems that prevent correct data load/visualization fixed (corrupted database -> require a new full import) ⦁ [FIX] Extensive fix of TAB sequence order ⦁ [FIX] Error handling when forms are not created yet ⦁ [FIX] Issues in external sources […]

Log4OM V2

Welcome to Log4OM V2. Log4OM support is direct from the development team and the user community, this guarantees to all users the best experience and a fast resolution of any problems. If you are an experienced user and can help, please do so! If you need help please ask for support, however please be polite […]