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Log4OM release changes

Some news from the Log4OM team, which we are sure you will appreciate.

Release 2.20 is almost ready, and will bring some new features and many stability improvements and bug fixes that will enhance your enjoyment of Log4OM

From the next release “beta” versions will also be available for download from the Log4OM website the same as the “release” versions. Please note that we do NOT provide support for BETA versions under any circumstances, we will however carefully check any bug reports that you report.

At the same time we are expanding the group of “official” Log4OM beta testers, who will have a dedicated DISCORD chat channel (you need to have a DISCORD client installed) and a direct line to the CORE team.

Joining the group of beta testers is a simple but effective way to participate actively in the development of Log4OM thus helping us in its creation.

Our only requirement is that you understand the application well and be proactive and careful in reporting any anomalies and try all the new features and fixes.

If you wish to dedicate some of your time to Log4OM you can contact us on the Log4OM DISCORD server here: https://discord.gg/tH4Dsh4n

73 de Log4OM team

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added new INBOUND/OUTBOUND communication option called “DB_UPDATED”. This UDP Service can broadcast (or point to a single IP) the “database updated” message to force all clients on the same network, sharing the same database, to update their data. NOTE: Inbound and outbound can be set to the same port, as the inbound function will automatically discard self generated notifications.
  • [NEW] Added lock button to cluster view. This will actually freeze any update, including parameter change updates
  • [NEW] Added swap button on label routing page to swap between QSO saved information and external source retrieved data (if any)
  • [NEW] Added support for TCI protocol 1.7
  • [NEW] Added support for TX button in TCI interface
  • [NEW] RX change on TCI enabled rigs now update the current rig selection in Log4OM and follows frequency changes.
  • [NEW] New option in LOTW download to add QSO received from LOTW but missing/not found in your log (new check box in the user interface).
  • Updated chat server engine URL
  • Updated clublog server URL for exception download
  • Updated NOAA solar data retrieval mechanism from FTP to HTTPS
  • [FIX] Fixed a cross thread exception that occurred sometimes on CHAT interface
  • [FIX] Fixed single QSO ADIF import issue

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Backup can now be saved directly in SQLITE instead of ADIF. This choice is selectable for main backup (+ monthly backup), alternate backup, none or both (for maximum security we recommend to keep at least one backup as standard ADIF).
  • [NEW] Backup can now be zipped as an option. This choice is selectable for main backup (+ monthly backup), alternate backup, none or both. Config backup is never zipped.
  • [NEW] New cluster anti-flood mechanism. The cluster UI refresh rate will slow down parsing refresh rate ((100 * number of active clusters) + 5000ms) vs ((100 * number of active clusters) + 100ms) of unthrottled cluster, when the application is receiving an amount of unique spots greater than the threshold (default 30 per minute). Increasing this value improve reactivity of the cluster refresh on new spots. Reducing the value will improve useability on slower PC’s.
  • [NEW] Added more options on ADIF import to speed up import of Log4OM backups with full data.
  • Added award filter for “my gridsquare” to show statistics based on QTH in awards statistics.
  • Added “blank” valuee to SATELLITE MODE dropdown list in EDIT QSO screen
  • ADIF default sort on export set to DATE descending
  • ADIF and CSV export optimizations on address field and other minor improvements.
  • LOTW confirmation download improved to identify more award confirmations.
  • Fixes and optimizations in LOTW confirmation download, now more reliable.
  • External source upload routine updated and made more performing (HRDLOG)
  • Internal database routine optimizations for better performances
  • [FIX] LOTW import now performs a full award search on updated QSO to detect confirmations on new references that require LOTW confirmation (USACA, WPX, etc)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with UTC date/time near midnight in some timezones when data are retrieved from SQLite db

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added TCI CAT support for rig control for Expert SDR devices
  • [NEW] Added TCI SPOT integration for Expert SDR devices
  • [NEW] Added TCI support on CW keyer management for Expert SDR devices (the keyer engine can be selected in the Program Settings – Hardware – CW Keyer interface)
  • “-f update” added as an option in LOTW settings. This command is supported only on latest TQSL versions
  • Added an option in LOTW settings to set “-t” field on TQSL string. This will generate a TQSL_LOG.txt logfile in Log4OM settings folder /Temp. Settings folder is reachable from HELP menu.
  • Added an option in LOTW settings to start TQSL in interactive mode (Log4OM will start TQSL in a separated thread and then proceeds confirming the upload of the selected QSO. It’s user responsibility to ensure that QSO are correctly loaded into LOTW)
  • Improved CAT management screen in program settings
  • Optimized management of CAT settings (Hamlib users should re-set their settings)
  • Added CQ/ITU zone check on QSO received through UDP connections (JTxx and similar)
  • [FIX] Fixed ADIF import when QSO_DATE_OFF field is not available but there is a TIME_OFF

Release note – Version 2.15.0

  • [NEW] Added option to print “RETURN TO” label for DIRECT/MANAGER DIRECT labels
  • [NEW] Added option to print “MY ADDRESS” label for SASE-type QSL sent via DIRECT/MANAGER DIRECT
  • [NEW] Added winkeyer, all currently open cluster screen, worked before, net control and chat screens to the auto open list on restart
  • [NEW] Allowed multiple independent cluster screens everyone with his own configuration
  • [NEW] Added “-f update” and “-c myCall” to the LOTW Upload command sequence
  • Added e-mail address to data entry area
  • Improved on screen placement memorization of windows
  • All band map screens are now reopened at startup (removed limit to a single band map)
  • Program scheduler optimizations (prevented concurrent calls on startup to the scheduler sort routine). That should prevent issues on solar data load / voacap calculations
  • Changed the format of the macro files. Now separator between macro and his title is made by “###” instead of a vertical pipe |. That allow users to save macro containing special keys (|) used to add delay in winkeyer syntax. If you have custom macro files please open them with notepad and update the separator field
  • [FIX] Small glitch that shows “undefined” on current confirmation when downloading confirmations without having had a search before (in QSL Manager)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that prevented STATE visualization when QSO was retrieved from cluster
  • [FIX] Fixed persistence of band map settings
  • [FIX] Cluster actions from cluster inside main user interface or winkeyer interface affects only their own context
  • [FIX] Winkeyer stay-on-top button fixed
  • [FIX] Country statistics not shown when QSO is selected from cluster
  • [FIX] Winkeyer load macro issue fixed
  • [FIX] Winkeyer loss of focus during callsign typing fixed
  • [FIX] Chat is open when clicking on worked before icons fixed

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Contest interface has been removed. All functions are now managed by main interface
  • [NEW] Winkeyer user interface has been rewritten for a more coherent layout
  • [NEW] When connected to CWSkimmer telnet server (Enable “CWSkimmer commands” in the CWSkimmer ‘Settings’ window) Log4OM is able to detect and lookup callsign/frequency on click
  • Added contest mode switch on main UI
  • Main UI logics rebuilt to reduce code complexity and improve reactivity and reusability of routines
  • F12 key now clears QSO data entry
  • Added contest fields in main UI (visible when contest mode is active)
  • PSE/TNX QSL moved to country row on label print, to avoid overlap with long QSL Messages
  • Added CTRL-S to save QSO in LazyLog / CTRL-R to clear interface
  • Typing a callsign in the winkeyer TX area and pressing Return key will set the callsign in the lookup area without transmitting anything.
  • [FIX] Fixed winkeyer macro issue that send truncated text
  • [FIX] Fixed datagrid export in XLSX that stopped working on some systems due to an updated library
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with Clublog exceptions that consider the value valid if expired less than 90 days ago
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue and improved routines on award recognization for QSOFIELDS award types that prevented correct automatic identification of some references.
  • [FIX] Fixed random issues on application shutdown related to LOTW upload

Log4OM Released

Release note – Version

  • [NEW] Added export to excel button on grids
  • [NEW] Introduced caching for external sources and callsign statistics
  • [NEW] Added automatic cluster disconnection when counterpart become unresponsive
  • Updated Bonair Island flag
  • Hamlib rigs are now alphabetically sorted by manufacturer-model
  • Added frequency on email alerts
  • Spots can now be sent to localhost if log4om local relay server is offline or uses a different port than the targeted one
  • [FIX] Removed <BR> from email alerts and switched to plain text
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that prevented alert email on some circumstances
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that in some cases used the wrong state from external sources when the callsign is decorated with a prefix
  • [FIX] Fixed label print label reporting user was not exchanging QSL with correct behaviour
  • [FIX] ADIF import counter is now showing the correct amount of QSO imported
  • [FIX] Winkeyer QSO references is now properly filled with data
  • [FIX] Fixed winkeyer macro issue that prevented some strings to be sent correctly (first character sent issue)
  • [FIX] Fixed Hamlib MODE swap issue and other minor things
  • [FIX] Included a new Hamlib version with many fixes on specific rig drivers that should fix the “VFO SWAP” issue. More info and specific reports can be addressed to Hamlib software team.